Monday, September 16, 2013

New Favorite Store Bought Face Mask

I have tried so many face masks over the years.  Whether it be all natural DIY face masks or store bought ones, this girl hasn't spent some serious dough and trying them all.  My new favorite is by Origins and it is their Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask.  This mask cleans out your pores and is best for all skin types.

This mask is available in two different sizes and costs $16 or $24 depending on which size you get.  That price point to me is amazing considering the amount of money I usually spend on face masks/facials.  

To use it, wash your face, then put a warm towel over your face for 10-20 seconds.  This will open up your pores.  Put the mask on and rinse of when you're ready.  I sometimes put it on for 15 minutes or 45 minutes, depending on how distracted I get.  

I love this mask because I can see the results after I use it and while it is on my skin I can feel it working.  It tightens slightly and has a refreshing tingly feeling on my skin.

If you're looking for a mask try this one!

Available at Macy's, Sephora, and Origins

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