Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cystic Acne? Maybe Your Food Is To Blame

A study came out when I was in college and I remember my Dad telling me about how a persons diet can cause cystic acne.  He said to try and stop eating dairy products for a while and see how it worked out.  The result was that my skin actually cleared up a lot.  Not only does dairy cause cystic acne but monosodium glutamate, also known as msg, and gluten causes cystic acne.  

If you're experiencing cystic acne I would highly recommend looking into changing up your diet to foods rich with vitamins E and C.  They will clean out your system and give you a nice glowing complexion.

Well what if you start eating healthy and get cystic acne?  You may have my problem.

These past few weeks I have been drinking kale smoothies non-stop.  They're delicious and full of goodness.  Even though I have been noticing an extra glow in my skin I too have been getting cystic acne.  Hello college days!

My cystic acne started when I went overseas started going away until my sudden obsession with kale smoothies.  
I had a facial and before we started I asked what was going on with my skin.  I'm using all natural and high end skin care and tools, I always wash my face before bed, have clean pillow cases, etc. so I didn't get it.  She asked what changed about my diet and when I told her about the smoothies, she said my body was detoxing and all the bad junk in my system was coming out through my pores in the form of cystic acne.  Seriously?!?!?!?! Yuck!

If your cystic acne is due to a recent detox it will go away.  Just make sure to drink plenty of water.  And if you're someone who eats a lot of dairy, gluten, or msg, ease up on these things and see how your skin looks after.

In my eyes you are all gorgeous!! Have an amazing day and I hope those pimples stay off your face.

XOXO beautiful!

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