Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bacne Be-Gone

It's hard enough to deal with the acne on our face let alone our backs, which we can't even see that well.  I get a back facial (facial but for your back) every summer which I highly recommend if your bacne prone but here are a few tips to keep that bacne in check:

  1. Don't use body washes with fragrance.  Use mild soaps or body washes that contain salicylic acid. 
  2. Use a brush or loofah for your back.  This will exfoliate your skin and help acne come to the surface but don't scrub to hard or for too long.  Clarissonic makes an electronic brush or you can get a shower brush or loofah at drugstores.  
  3. Always wash or rinse your back after you workout.
  4. If you use really hot water when you shower like I do, make sure you do a quick rinse on the cold setting.  This will close up your pores so they aren't open for bacteria to get in.
  5. Make sure you get all the shampoo and conditioner off your back in the shower.  
  6. Wear a cotton t-shirt at night.  This will protect your back and absorb any moisture you have on your skin.
  7. Put your hair in a braid, ponytail or bun.  Your hair can be what is irritating your skin so get it off your back and out of your face.
  8. Once a week apply a mask on your back.  At the health foods and vitamins store I shop at in Bakersfield, there is a mask that oil field workers swear by.  Think men working all day in the heat with heavy clothing and their pores getting clogged.  It is an Indian Healing Clay you mix with water.  When I use it it works like a charm!
Available at health stores, Whole Foods, and Amazon.com- Prices range from $5-$7

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