Monday, September 9, 2013

Make-Up Tip: Make Your Lipstick Look Good

I love all types of lipstick colors.  What I don't like is having cracked or dry lips show through my lipstick color.  You can have on the most gorgeous, high end, lipstick but all eyes will be on those chapped lips not on your fab lipstick color.

Before you apply lipstick make sure to exfoliate your lips.  I like to mix together either olive oil or coconut oil with a little bit of salt or sugar, rub it on my lips for a minute with my fingertips, wash off with a warm washcloth, and ba da bing my lips are soft and ready to go.  If you're in a hurry use water and your toothbrush to brush your lips for about 10 seconds, dry them off, and apply lip balm.

If you're in the mood post a picture in the comment below of you rocking your signature lip color!

Thanks fabulous!

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