Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Know How to Shop for Perfume and When to Wear It

Shopping for your signature scent is the best but it can get very overwhelming.  To truly find the scent of your dreams you need to take a good 30 minutes to an hour smelling all types of scents.  There are fresh scents, citrus ones, vanilla, musky, etc.  The list goes on and on and there are so many different perfumes out there you are sure to find one or two that you can't live without.

When shopping for a perfume, they will all start to smell alike after the 5th one, so be sure to ask the salesperson at whichever department store you are at for some coffee beans.  Smelling coffee beans will neutralize your nose, so you will be able to smell the scent of the perfume instead of the alcohol.  

When testing out perfumes use the paper strips they give you.  You don't want to walk out smelling like you have 20 different perfumes on.  Pick your favorites and spray those on you instead.  The perfume may smell different on your skin than it did on the paper so it is good to try it out before you buy it.

As for when to wear perfume, I think you should wear it everyday.  Perfume makes me feel sexy or feminine depending on which scent I go with and I feel like us women should always feel our best.  You shouldn't save perfume for a special occasion   Every day is a special day and you should always smell good.

When storing your perfume, never keep it in your car or some place hot.  This will dry out your perfume faster leaving it with that alcohol smell.  

If you want your perfume to last as long as possible do not rub your wrists together after you spray your perfume on.  Just spritz on both of your wrists and let it air dry.  Also, putting perfume on your pulse points, like behind the ears, will give off your scent throughout the day.

What is your signature scent and do you like to create your own scents by combining two or more like I do?

Please share!!

Below are a few of my signature scents, all available at Macy's, that I have been using since I started wearing perfume in high school.  

Juicy Couture
Chance by Chanel
DKNY Be Delicious

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