Monday, September 30, 2013

Hot for Halloween!

You officially have 31 days until Halloween.  On all Hallows Eve it's your choice to dress scary, cute, funny, silly, or sexy.  Whatever costume you choose, I want you (and me) to look our absolute best.  

With Halloween just around the corner I am making it a goal of mine to drop a few lbs. and tighten and tone my bod.  You are more than welcome to come on this mini journey with me.  I have made a Halloween jar to keep me on track.  

Halloween jar rules:

  • Everytime you workout put $1 in
  • Everyday you eat clean put $1
However much money you end up with is how much you get to spend on your Halloween costume.  If your not into buying a costume go out and buy a work out top!

Some tips to drop a few pounds in the month of October are:

  • cut your alcohol intake
  • incorporate more veggies into your diet
  • eat unprocessed foods
  • get a few extra workouts in

Stay healthy ya'll!!

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