Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's the skinny in San Diego

Ever wonder why the women in San Diego look so great?  Maybe it's just me but every time I'm down there I notice the ladies have nice skin, gorgeous hair, and in shape bodies.  I mean if we all lived next to the beach and had great weather we would look fantastic all the time too! Right?  Well here is something you can do anywhere to get a little more beach ready for summer!

So what's the big secret? Body wraps.  The different types of wraps you can get are for slimming down, getting rid of cellulite, detoxing, and moisturizing your skin.

Body wraps are great for brides before their wedding, post pregnancy to help tighten up skin, before going on your all girls Vegas trip, or to just look good whenever you feel like it!  Lots of women and men swear by these wraps and say there is a noticeable difference with skin elasticity, fading stretch marks, and their dress size. Some wraps that use infrared heat claim to burn anywhere from 1,000-1,500 calories in only 1 hour!

So where can we go to get these body wraps?  There are a few places.  A lot of spas offer different types of body wraps as well as tanning salons or if you're on a budget you can even purchase a kit or make a homemade one.

I have only done a few body wraps in my life and here is what to expect.  If you're going to a spa they will take your measurements before and after so be prepared to strip down in your bra and panties.  After they take your measurements they will cleanse your body and put either a mask or oils on your body depending on which type of wrap you opt for.  Once you are covered with the mask or oils, the professional will wrap you in a cloth or saran wrap nice and tight. This is where you sweat!  All you do is lay there for 30 minutes to an hour but you honestly sweat so much.  When your time is up your rinsed off with cool water and lotion is applied.  Make sure to drink lots of water after to help flush out any toxins and replenish the water you lost from sweating so much.

My experiences with body wraps have been great.  I personally find them extremely relaxing but it can get a little boring after a while just laying there.  The best part of the wrap is that I do like to break a sweat and my skin always feels silky soft instantly!  I always loose inches from my waist after a body wrap but the results only last for a few weeks.

Now nothing is as great as a healthy diet and exercise routine but if you are already doing that and want a boost or just need a quick fix try a body wrap and let me know what you think!


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