Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trampolines are NOT just for kids

Hey healthy!
So you know how some people have their arm or leg days at the gym?  Well I love love love Thursdays because Thursdays are my trampoline days!  Sorry kids, but jumping and having fun isn't just for you anymore!  Remember how much fun being on a trampoline or bounce house was as a kid?  Well who says you have to give it up.

I bought a rebounder a few months ago and have been hooked ever since!  Not only has my rebounder given me joy and fun times but its also helped me loose some lbs!! It was a little tricky at first to find my balance and gain my confidence on it but once I got the hang of it I became a jumping machine.  My rebounder work out today was phenomenal.  The reason I enjoy using the rebounder is because it is an internse cardio workout and it isn't hard on my joints like running can be.  I still run but thanks to my mini tramp I don't have to as much.  

Below is the rebounder I purchased as well as a few links that helped me get started on my fun little fitness toy!  If you're a beginner I would suggest clicking the beginner link first.  It's only 10 minutes and the instructor has a nice little accent ;) For a complete body work out with instruction, a warm up and cool down, as well as using light weights, try the link by Fayth Caruso.  If you're advanced or up for a challenge I recommend Tracy Anderson's workout.  It's a toughie!

My estimated calories burned for jumping for half an hour on my mini rebounder is 161 calories.  Not too bad for someone having fun.  If you would like to see how many calories you can burn click here for your rebounder calculator

Happy jumping!

Pure fun 38" mini rebounder $59.99

Tracy Anderson Rebounder Workout

Beginner Trampoline Workout- 10 minutes

Fayth Caruso 30 minute rebounder workout
Click here to purchase

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