Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Ice Cube, Coolest Beauty Trick Ever!

This may sound a bit strange but I love what an ice cube can do for my skin and make-up, but most of all I especially love how much it cools me down in the summer!  I have been using the ice cube trick for years now and let me tell you it really works and it is one of my favorites!  Using an ice cube on my face feels so refreshing and it also helps wake up and kick start my day with a smile!

After you have cleansed and dried your face take an ice cube and wrap it in a paper towel or just put it straight on your face.  Rub it all over your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin or wherever you have the largest pores.  Only do this for about 5-10 seconds.  Then use the dry part of the paper towel to gently pat your face dry.

What the ice does for you is decrease inflammation and the red spots around those pesky zits, it shrinks your pores so you can barely see them under make-up, reduces puffiness under your eyes if you had one hell of a night, and it keeps your make-up from rubbing off.  

After you have used the ice cube toss it in the sink and apply your regular skin care and make-up products.  I follow with a toner, SPF moisturizer, and then my foundation.   The ice cube trick is not something I do everyday but if I want my make-up and skin to look flawless all day or night I make sure to use it.

Using an ice cube is perfect before a special event, hot date, a night out with the girls, if you plan on taking pictures at all, and for a girls special day, her wedding. Sigh... You better believe this fabulous girl is using an ice cube the morning of my wedding day!  Well... that's if I ever become a bride!  But that's a whole other subject!

Try it out and tell me what you think of the ice cube trick!

As always, stay good and stay fabulous gorgeous!

Does she look like she's having a fabulous time or what!

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