Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stretch and Strengthen Your Back While You're Young to Prevent Shrinking as You Age

Have you ever noticed how some elderly people hunch over or hear your parents complain about them shrinking?  I happen to notice and hear that A LOT!  A persons height no matter how tall they stand should be something they are proud of.  We're all made at different sizes but we need to strengthen and stretch our back now so we can keep our height as we get older.  

So when do most people start shrinking?  Studies have proven people have started loosing their height as early as their late 30's.  This is so shocking to hear.  The bad thing about shrinking in my opinion isn't only that people are loosing height but they have a higher chance at fracturing a hip as well as making themselves more vulnerable to other health issues.

If you are reading this and are in your 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, and so on, it's not too late to do some stretching to improve your strength and posture.  

To keep a healthy posture and strong back as you age it is best to incorporate calcium and vitamin D into your diet and stretch by doing yoga poses or pilates.  Our genetic make-up also plays a role in our bone density but you play a part in that as well.  Do what you can now to make it easier on yourself as you age.

Pelvic tilt on Livestrong website

To find more ways to stretch your back, click on the Livestrong link below or the Jillian Michaels 35 minute full body and back strengthening youtube video.

PS. Jillian Michaels may be doing a yoga video but I can almost guarantee you will sweat.  At least I did!

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