Monday, June 10, 2013

Grab a LIME ladies and gents, they're in season and it's Margarita Monday!!

Wow the work day is finally over!  Sometimes it's hard to get through a Monday especially if you had a fantastic weekend.  The great thing you can look forward to at the end of the day though is a nice cold margarita with lime and in this weather it is so refreshing.

Drinking your calories can add up really quick so I try to skip calories where I can.  When I have a night on the town, my go to drink is vodka with lime or a 100% agave tequila with lime.  I ask the bartender to mash up a lime for me and pour in a shot with lots of ice.  Putting extra syrups, soda, juices, etc. in your drink really adds up in calories so I choose to use limes instead.

If you aren't into libations though you can still have a tasty and refreshing drink with lime.  Adding lime to your water or iced green tea is so refreshing  Lime is the only citrus fruit in season right now and apart from giving your foods and drinks that extra kick, there are so many health and beauty benefits this little fruit offers.

Back in the day people used lime, which is full of vitamin C, to help cure for scurvy.   This was  a disease due to lack of vitamin C.  Fast forward to 2013 and this health and beauty guru likes to use it for skin care, digestion, weight loss, and her food and drinks!

During the summer I'll bathe in lime water!  I run a bath for myself, squeeze an entire lime into the water, and enjoy!  The smell is so refreshing and it makes my skin soft, shiny, and smelling oh so clean.  This is because limes are full of antioxidants and vitamin C.  The acid in the lime scrubs away at dead skin cells and can even help guys who have been out in the heat all day get rid of some of their funk!  You know that smell I'm talking about.  Pee-yew!!

My doctor is actually the one who taught me about using lime for digestion and constipation.  He says it "cleans you out".  Kind of a gross subject but it happens and I like to handle it in a natural way not with laxatives.  The acids in the lime will break down your food and stimulate the digestive process so if you ever over eat or just want to kick start your metabolism add a lime to your water or squeeze lime over your dish of choice.

I think that eating with lime is a healthier option than drenching your salads with dressing, your french fries with ketchup or ranch, and filling your drinks with syrups and soda.  

Hope all these fun facts helped!  Now that your done reading go to the store, buy some limes, and add it to whatever you want!

Bottoms up!


  1. Wow! Recently I learned about the health benefits behind adding a lemon to your water but I never knew about all the benefits to a lime. Def will have to try some lime water fusions. Great to see you sharing the news on all those trendy sugary drinks they serve at the bar. While they might be delicious they also dehydrate you and you're more susceptible to hangovers. Never fun. is a great website that helps those who are calorie and health conscience. As for the tequila you recommended it scores an A+. Great advice!!!

  2. Thanks for the advice , works great.