Monday, June 17, 2013

Get your Miss America Smile On!

Hello beauties!

I have always loved watching beauty pageants because of the big hair, make-up, and gorgeous outfits.  It is so fun rooting for your state or favorite girl.  For those of you who didn't catch the beauty pageant on T.V., Miss Connecticut won the 2013 Miss America pageant and she looked awesome!

There is something I have noticed in all my years of watching beauty pageants and that is that each contestant I have ever seen has bright, pearly white teeth.  I am a huge fan of white teeth and healthy gums.  My teeth are very important to me and I make sure I brush with my sonicare and floss daily.  Going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning is like going to a day at the spa.  Ahhh... so relaxing and so refreshing!

When it comes to teeth I know my stuff!  I always have questions galore for my dentist who I see on a regular basis and teeth whitening has been a subject we have been talking about for a while.  I used to whiten my teeth with all different types of  whitening strips and whitening mouthwashes and they worked but my teeth could not take the sensitivity!  That is the main reason he postponed my appointment for my professional teeth whitening appointment.  He told me that having bright and white teeth was attainable to a certain extent but he also said all of the whitening products out their make your teeth very sensitive.  I just did not like that answer so I have been on the search for products and natural or at home things that make your teeth white without the sensitive feeling.

If you want store bought whitening products I would choose REMBRANDT.  I use REMBRANDT toothpaste, mouth wash, and whitening strips almost every day.  With these products I have zero sensitive feeling and I love them because they are safe for your enamel, not as expensive as other whitening products, and have the key ingredient fluoride in them.  My dentist always tells me to look for toothpaste and mouth wash with fluoride because it prevents tooth decay and strengthens your enamel.  To get coupons on REMBRANDT products click here for rembrandt offers.

For an all natural teeth whitening fix I have a very delicious suggestion.   The tip to whiter teeth without the sensitivity is strawberries!  All you do is bite the tip off of a strawberry, which are currently in season, and rub the inside of the strawberry all of your teeth in a circular motion.  Keep it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing out with water.  I ran this one by my dentist and he knows it works but he just says to limit the amount of times per month that I do these teeth whitening treatments and to always brush regularly after.  The malic acid in the strawberry is what gets the teeth white but you need to remember to brush after because of the sugar from the strawberry.  Go ahead an keep on eating the strawberries if you would like...   I mean that's what I do.  

Hope you enjoy getting a brighter and whiter smile without that sensitive feeling!  Don't forget to smile big!

CVS-$8 Deeply White+
Peroxide Fluoride Toothpaste
Target- $7 Deeply White+
Peroxide Fluoride Mouthwash
Wal-Mart-$29.99 Intense
 Stain Whitening Strips

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