Monday, August 26, 2013

Trend Alert: Slouchy Pants!

When I was in the Philippines last month I saw women everywhere in slouchy pants.  They were surprising flattering and came in all different prints.  When I asked how long these pants had been in style for, ladies said they had been wearing them for the past couple of years.  I grabbed a few while I was overseas because they were everywhere I went.  Two years later, the trend is finally hitting the states and you too can get your own unique pair.

I spotted slouchy pants this weekend on my shopping trip to Nordstrom but I haven't seen them in that many places yet.  I personally pair mine with a short flowy top or a loose tank and tuck it in.  For a polished yet fashionable look these pants look great with a blazer and heels.

Will you be sporting this trend or do you think it's absolutely awful?

Let me know gorgeous!


Neon Blonde Destroyer Slouchy Pant- $78 available at Urban Outfitters
Blu Pepper Slouchy Pants- $48 available at Nordstrom

Rebecca Taylor Slouchy Pants- $275 available at Nordstrom

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