Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Right Way to Dry Your Kabuki Brush

I got home tonight and was in the mood to wash my make-up brushes.  There are many ways I wash my make-up brushes but only one way I dry them.

If I wash my make-up brushes at night I will do so an hour or two before bed then right before I go night night I rotate the brushes.   Before drying my brush I squeeze the water out then lay it on a towel so it can absorb some of the water.

When drying a kabuki brush it can be habit to place it standing up shown on the first picture below but I don't do that.  The reason I lay my kabuki brush flat is because I don't want any water getting into the ferrule, which is the silver portion of my brush.  When water or moisture gets into the ferrule it weakens the glue that holds the kabuki brush together and causes your brush to shed more often.

Brushes can be very expensive, so wash them regularly and dry them correctly.

Have a fabulous weekend my beauties!!

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