Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Dishwasher Is Your Skins New BFF

Sunday is always a good day to catch up on cleaning and get those dishes done.  My favorite part about doing the dishes is the awesome steam bath my face gets!  For an easy at home DIY facial the dishwasher offers one of the best skin experiences out there.  

While I am waiting for the dishwasher to heat up I'll dance around, do other chores, and clean my face.  After I give my skin a good wash I press the stop button on the dishwasher and open it up.  By this time the dishwasher has been going for a while and it is hot and steamy.  I stick my face right in all the action for a good minute.  

Now if you have ever had a facial you know they give your skin a deep cleanse and then steam it.  The steam opens up your pores and makes those blackheads easier to remove if you have any.  

For my at home facial I cleanse my skin, steam it with the dishwasher, put on a mask, splash my face with cold water, use a toner, and then moisturize.  If you want a quick facial just steam your face then splash it with cold water.

This tip is quick and easy and you can do it while you clean.

Happy Sunday gorgeous!

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