Friday, July 5, 2013

The Right Way to Travel

It is the middle of the year and that means everyone and their mother is traveling places.  People are going overseas, visiting their parents, getting trips in before school starts and as much as people travel there is always that one thing you forget or wish you had.  Well, I will let you in on some tips for space saving packing techniques and what to bring with you so you will be prepared for your next upcoming trip. (Tips and products are pictured below).

Checking your bag at the airport nowadays packs on an extra fee so if you are only going somewhere for a week or less try to bring a carry on.  If you are willing to pay the extra fee, go right ahead! I still do sometimes.

In your carry on make sure any toiletries are kept in 1 oz containers so they aren't thrown away.  I buy mine at Target or I will make sure to get perfume or skin care samples from Macy's or Sephora when I make a purchase there.  

Being on a plane does not have to be annoying.  It can actually be a time to unwind and de-stress with a good book or a movie the airline plays.  For long flights I absolutely have to have a skincare line with me and a SPF moisturizer and chapstick.  Washing off my make-up and getting comfortable is very relaxing.  With the recycled air in planes I make sure to pack a hydrating mist and a good moisturizer for my face and body.  Packing hand wipes or a sanitizing spray is also an absolute must to kill any germs lingering in your seat.  If I have a hand wipe I make sure to wipe the arm rests, the back of the seat in front of me, and my fold out table.  If I have a sanitizing spray I'll spray all these places plus the chair.  People may give you weird looks but at least you came prepared!

Just because you are on a plane doesn't mean you have to wear sweats or pajamas.  Not many people get free upgrades wearing their pajamas.  When dressing for a flight I make sure to wear layers.  That way you can adjust your outfit to the temperature in the plane and wherever you stop along the way.  Great things to wear are drawstring linen pants for their comfort and carefree style, black leggings because they can be comfy and chic, a tank top, blazer, big scarf, and flats or slip on boots.  Wearing flats or slip on boots with a short thick heel or no heel at all are easy to take on and off when going through security.  If you want to bring flip flops in your purse or carry on they don't take up too much space and can come in handy in case your feet swell.  Drawstring linen pants and leggings are so comfortable you don't even need pajamas and having a big scarf can double for a pillow or blanket on the plane.

It is best to look up the weather before heading to your destination and plan accordingly.  Bringing basics like neutral tops, a pair of jeans, a black dress, and chambray top let you mix and match without looking like you're wearing the same thing over again. When packing my luggage I bring wrinkle remover spray for clothes that get wrinkled along the way. To save space I like to roll my basic tees.  Just fold your shirt normally and then roll it up and it takes up very little space.  When I bring boots or tennis shoes I make sure to stick my socks in them.  For my bras I like to fold the cups into each other and place them on the corners of my suitcase so they keep their shape.  Putting a plastic bag in your luggage takes up almost no space and is good to have to separate dirty clothing.

In my purse I like to have snacks such as fruits and nuts.  It is a huge no-no to bring on smelly foods like onions or spiced foods because they give off an odor to your fellow neighbors and they may not like that particular smell.  When the flight attendant goes around asking for drinks get two bottles of water to make sure you are staying hydrated and this will help keep your skin glowing.  I personally don't like to drink alcoholic beverages during flights because I don't want to continuously have to go to the bathroom and dehydrate my skin more than it already is. 

If traveling to a third world country be sure to bring a Brita water bottle so you can always have sanitary water and some bug spray. 

I hope you find these tips useful!  Safe travels!

1 oz. container- label the top

L'OREAL SPF 50- Feels like silk on your face

Blistex SPF 15- Blocks the sun and keeps lips smooth

No. 7 Hydrating Mist- Keeps skin feeling fresh

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion- Feels soft and doesn't have a strong scent

Wet Ones Hand Wipes- Sanitize your hands and everything around you
Put bras on the corners of your luggage  to keep its shape

BRITA- Filter your water to prevent sickness

OFF! Bug spray- Keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay

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  1. the no7 Hydrating Mist and WetOnes saved me during my road trip across country. So many helpful products! I want them all!