Friday, July 26, 2013

Is Your Brain Helping You Stay Beautiful

Hello Fabulous!

    This tip is a little different than my usual how-to when it comes to being more fabulous than you already are.  I wanted to share this with you though because I think keeping your memory and brain sharp is just as important as the latest seasons trend or hot new workout.

I am all about taking preventative measures when it comes to beauty and brains.  I want to strengthen and stimulate my brain now so it ages gracefully just like the rest of me.  Below are a list of tips that will help boost your brain power.

  1. Keep a journal- Take five minutes at the end of the day to write down what you did.  You can write about what you ate, who you spoke with, where you went, or what the most memorable part of your day was.  Recalling what you did that day helps keep your memory sharp and it is always fun to look back on what you were doing years ago.
  2. Increase intake of brain food- Foods that will help your brain and provide great antioxidants for your body include dark leafy greens, berries, and tomatoes. Drinking green or black tea also helps prevent memory loss.
  3. Read a new book- I always have books lying around my house and when I have free time I make sure I read.  Reading a book once a month helps to broaden your horizons and it's a lot better than watching some reality show on TV.
  4. Stay current- Taking at least ten minutes every morning to watch the news, skim through a newspaper, or see what is going on in your industry should become a habit.  When you know what's going on in the world it is easier to start up a conversation with someone and it adds to what you know.
  5. Play a game- Solving puzzles and playing games has been linked to sharpening memory and strengthening different areas of your brain.  Games you can play include Lumosity, Sudoku, and Scramble.
  6. Dance, run, walk, jump- Incorporating 30 minutes of cardio into your daily routine helps keep you more alert and energized.  Cardiovascular activity is good for the brain.
  7. Switch it up- By doing something new like learning a new language or learning to play a new instrument you keep your brain active and become a more interesting person at the same time.
When you mix beauty and brains there is nothing that can stop you and you truly are as fabulous as they come.

Let me know what brain tips you will be adding to your routine.  Thanks gorgeous!


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  1. Knowing my stuff and being confident about it sure does make me feel fabulous! It's so awesome to see that this blog is not only about outer beauty, but inner beauty as well.

  2. Knowledge and confidence is a very fabulous thing. I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks Kristyn!