Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Get Long, Healthy Hair

I love seeing women with long, healthy hair.  Pictured below is one of my besties and I enjoying a concert and here are some of our tips on having strong, healthy hair.

  • Brush/detangle your hair before you hop in the shower.  This will make it easy to comb out after your shower and you'll spread the oils from the root of your hair all over.
  • Use products without sulfate.  Sulfate damages your hair and removes the color.
  • Use hair clips or hair ribbons to put your hair up.  They wont damage your hair like normal hair ties will. 
  • Eat spinach and kale.  They are full of vitamins that speed up hair growth.
  • Get a trim regularly.  Even though your growing out your hair its important to get a trim to take care of split ends.
  • Before you hop in the shower apply coconut oil all over your hair.  You can leave it for a few minutes to half an hour depending on how much time you have.  The results will leave you with shiny, more manageable hair.  Check out what else you can use coconut oil for with some of my previous posts: Cleanse With Coconut OilCocoa Eyebrows and Facial Recipe, and The Best Way To Clean Your Beauty Blender.

XOXO fabulous!!

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