Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheap Make-up Setting Spray Tip

If you want your make-up to last all night or for a special occasion, I recommend using a make-up setting spray.  The only down side of using setting sprays is that they are pretty pricey.  

When I was a cheerleader in high school I would set my hair with hairspray and after I was done I'd close my eyes and hairspray my face.  My make-up would stay forever!  

All you do is hold the can about 10 inches away from you, close your eyes, and spray.  Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds after you're done so you don't get any extra hairspray in your eye.  Voilà I just save you $30 on something you would have bought at Sephora.

Have a Fabulous Friday loves!!


Make-up stayed all day without me having to touch up!

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