Monday, October 14, 2013

Stinky Little Miracle

Since my trip overseas this July I have not been able to get my acne under control.  I've been using my clarisonic, expensive cleansers and creams, and have been going to an ethstecian maybe a bit more than I should.  Not only have I been getting hormonal acne once a month, I have been getting painful cystic acne and I can not take it!

Last week was when I remembered that I used manuka oil in college to treat my cystic acne and the results on my skin were phenomenal.  In my town, manuka oil is very hard to come by, so I had to order it from  

Manuka oil comes from the manuka tree which is native to New Zealand.  This oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial and has many benefits.  People use manuka oil for cystic acne, athletes foot, fungus, dandruff, eczema, cuts, sunburns, bug bites, and psoriasis.

Manuka oil works so fast on my cystic acne.  It makes my blemishes smaller and less painful.  The worst part about this oil though is the smell.  If you use this during the day BEWARE!  You will not have any friends and if you snuggle up with a significant other at night, they may start spending their sleep time on the couch and away from you.  I personally don't have a huge problem with the smell but all of my friends and family do so I just wanted to warn you now.

This oil is my stinky little miracle.  It makes my pillow case and bed sheets reek and it is kind of pricey for the little amount you get but it clears my skin up and makes it smooth and radiant.  

$19.80 plus S&H

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