Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Get Long Lashes and Locks the Natural Way!

Do you want longer eyelashes and hair without paying for extensions?  Try my all natural method below.

What you will need:
- 100% avacado oil (available at any health food stores or online)
- 100% olive oil

In a bowl mix 1/4 of a cup of olive oil and 1/4 of a cup avacado oil together.  Stir up the mixture and put it all over your detangled hair.  With clean hands scoop whatever is left in the bowl and swipe oil across your lashes.  WARNING: do not get this in your eyes!  I have gotten it in my eyes before and it doesn't bug me but as a disclaimer I warned you.

Leave on for 5 minutes to an hour before you hop in the shower and rinse. 

Not only will this promote hair growth but it will also leave your hair looking and feeling shiny.  You can also use this to moisturize your hands.

For more hair tips check out my post GET LONG HEALTHY HAIR!

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